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Loreena McKennitt Loreena McKennitt

For some it’s already a classic, but I have discovered Her quite recently in quite crazy circumstances :)

She reminds how exceptional, magical the Celtic music is and what magnificent spell it casts.
Brilliant vocal, instrumental richness, ephemeral soundscapes and stunning energy.

‘The Old Ways’ to start with and then it’ll just go like an avalanche. Especially now when it’s gold all around, the leaves are falling and there’s a strong wind this music gains a special charm.

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Castle Party 2011 - photos part 1
Castle Party 2011 - photos part 1


The first part of photos CP 2011 available at:

have fun : *

CD News
Ah Cama-Sotz
Ah Cama-Sotz

New AH CAMA-SOTZ release coming out on BATS & CATS (cat. BC07)


Release date: 05 November

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Maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. Disraptor
Maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. Disraptor
Forms of Hands
Dir En Grey
Dir En Grey
M'Era Luna 2007
Christian Death
Christian Death
M'era Luna 2008
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Empire In Dust
Empire In Dust
Gothic Festival 2006