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Castle Party 2010

Yet another edition of Castle Party came to an end.
As Auerbach once said Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
I believe the souls leaving Bolkow every year feel decently purified – 2010 was not an exception in this respect.

The festival is developing with every subsequent year: it relates not only to the duration– from two to four festival days, but also to the quality of the bands and side program.

However, with all the positive changes taking place there are two things that remain the same – first of all variety (the organizers had always been very particular about inviting the band that would break the strictly gothic mode and included the band of a different sort in a line-up – vide metal band Behemoth in 2010) and second of all – marvelous atmosphere making Castle Party both a great musical and social event.

Castle Party commenced on Thursday 29th with the concerts of Christblood, Infinity Pain, Red Emprez and Dusk Watch that took place in the Old Cinema. Then, on Friday, there were gigs of Gothika, The Violet Tribe, Wieże Fabryk, Otto Dix, Żywiołak, Faith and the Muse, The Beauty of Gemina and Qntal at inside courtyard and a special concert of Bacio di Tosca in St. Hedwig's Church.

On Friday night the mode was definitely along the widely understood folk lines – the music floated from stronger beats of Żywiołak to balladlike, melodious ones of Faith and the Muse or Beauty of Gemina. Stylish lights, the proximity of old walls, the limited space enhancing the quality of sounds plus a bit mysterious, whispering or narrated pieces built up a fantastic, slightly fabulous atmosphere.


The weather on Saturday was very sunny, so all the concerts could take place in order scheduled.

Deviant UK

Jay Smith&co are specialists of energetic warm up, no surprise during the gig – highly dynamic and catchy melodies together with the charisma of diabolic vocalist and a decent dose of tough beat gave a perfect combination to move the audience – for the first time during the day.

Combining profound elements with some dancy arrangements Deviant UK stand for the perfect party killers and a mean to move during the concerts.

Though in full light – it was a very good show.



Alec Empire

Alec Empire's fan base in Poland is strong – both he himself and ATR always meet enthusiastic reception.

It's definitely caused not only by a fantastic dose of deafening he serves with no let-up during an hour the concerts usually last, but also the style of scenic madness – jumps onto the audience, pogo dancing and energy he shares with the listeners.

Alec and Nic Endo played brilliant show– stunning pace, wayward sonic jumps, uncontrollable melodic line, whimsical, wild arrangements, ubiquitous distortions and teasing rawness combined with ravishing dynamism plus original, scanning vocal – such a mixture leaves nobody indifferent so the audience run wild and the applause was remarkable.

The wild animal escaped the cage once again and smashed the audience – bravo!

Job Karma

Job Karma played an absolutely magical concert.
The old cinema's atmosphere is special in itself, but what was added were the frugal lights and Arek Baginski's fantastic visuals set in Beksiński's style - attracting attention and scary at the same time.
It's alike with Job Karma' music – hypnotic, multi-layered, easily swallowing in its internal stream, rich and beautiful, but at same time disquieting, dark and provocative. And enforcing drawing some (somber) conclusions.

The stories the image and sound tell are not optimistic – the human being turns out to be a small infinitesimal element smashed by machines, lost and abulic. The world of Job Karma music is habited by monsters created by civilization that slow but steady takes human souls and packs them into boxes with the label 'sale'.

Depending on the piece the music either scares or pacifies and makes the listener stand still. Any effect remains in mind for longer even after the concert is over.



The fans had been waiting for And One for years and finally the Gentlemen appeared in Bolkow to present their mastery and prove in person they are the party kings.

I'll say one thing - the word 'emotional mash' does not reflect the atmosphere of the concert, its energy, power and smoke – Steve Naghavi is the indisputable master of ceremony.
The fireworks they provide, the fans' tired muscles and vocal cords prove their high class.

Awesome energy, the setlist including all flag hits 'Technoman', 'Deutschmaschine', 'Sometimes', 'Military Fashion Show' 'Schwarz', 'Get you Closer', 'Kein Ende'or 'Traumfrau', Steve and Chris singing together, dancing on the stage - also with the Polish flag delivered by the fans and marvelous contact with the audience - Gentlemen come back soon as we missed at least one encore!


Atmospheric, highly expressive concerts of such bands as Clan of Xymox, Faith and the Muse, Anne Clark or the Proof prevailed on the last day of the festival.

The Proof

Polish project The Proof played the impressive concert that combined drama and theatricality with moving music and lyrics. The tragic and expressive manner of the frontman were extremely captivating and the music enhanced the effect.

I'd like to see the club version of the concert – the props and the concepts are so atmosphere that I'm sure the separation from daylight would do it a lot of good and would add to magic and power of the spectacle.
1. galeria
2. twarz
3. nikt
4. usta
5. znaki
6. pajęczyna
7.cover Chrystian Death


Jan L surely belongs to the top league of electro industrial party tanks so his concert was like a machine well-set to make the people move.

Catchy pieces (quite a few from the new album 'Excessive Exposure') featuring distortions, loads of samples, repeating, trance, catchy sequences screamed out loud a clear message 'move!'
As the message was convincing enough there was not else to do but to obey.
Never mind the sun and heat – the disco inferno played right alright. Great gig.

Last Dance
Please Hang Up
Deutschland braucht Bewegung
Hans Dampf
Hit Me Hard
Fucking Invective
Beats and Bass
I AmWatchingYou
Shut Up

Faith and The Muse
Faith and the Muse, that played at the inside courtyard on previous day gave a visually rich concert – stunning make-ups and outfits is Asian and court style plus moving, perfectly balanced, elegant music - it all stood for a perfect scenic and musical performance.

Clan of Xymox

The most beautiful concert of the festival was performed by – one could say, the regular guests of the festival - Clan of Xymox.

Ronny Moorings and the band like no one else spread magic from the scene and ravish the listeners with their music from the very first note.
It's mostly up to Ronny whose fantastic contact with the audience is almost legendary, but also the atmosphere of each concert that is built by the light-shadow play and the music – well-known and comfy like the best cashmere shawl. Therapeutic and aesthetic effect guaranteed.

'Jasmin and Rose', 'This World', 'A Day', 'Louise', 'Emily', 'There's No Tomorrow', 'Weak in My Knees', 'Calling You Out' presented in the sapphire lights of the scene, under the stars... I can't think of more magical moments. I can only hope the band will not linger for too long and come again soon!

The concerts were great, the next edition is to take place on 21-24 July 2011 and I'm sure the line-up will be breathtaking.
See you!